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Monoprice, 2-Way Active Wall Mount Speakers (Pair, Black, 25W)

Active loudspeakers eliminate the need for a separate power amp providing easier installation options than when using traditional passive speakers. They also have the advantage of having an amp that is custom tuned to the speakers they are driving.


This Monoprice powered stereo loudspeaker is just such a speaker set. It consists of an active loudspeaker with a custom amp built in for one channel and a passive loudspeaker for the other, to complete the stereo pair. It is an ideal choice for AV applications such as meeting rooms, multi-media usage, small presentations, and even as a powered speaker for your computer or portable music player.


Condition: GOOD - Normal wear and tear, completely functional.

Stock: 2 Pairs Available

Warranty/Return: 24 Hours


What's Included:

(1) - Active Left Speaker

(1) - Passive Right Speaker

(1) - Black Power Cable

(1) - 2' Speaker Wire

(2) - Mounting Brackets


Shipping: Item is available for free local pickup or delivery at additional shipping costs to be calculated. Customer pays for return shipping.

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